Migration day on St Agnes

Every now and again you can actually see migration in action. This morning we counted around 1200 chaffinches in several flocks of 100-200 gathering and then setting south and flying over the sea at Horse Point on St Agnes – quite remarkable.

Here is a flock of 200 starlings gathering and getting ready to go

3-cormorants-3-shagWe also spent a bit of time sea watching – we saw this group of 3 cormorants and 3 shag – shags are far more common on Scilly than cormorants – maybe a ration of 10:1

raven5 Ravens were regularly patrolling Wingletang Down

porpoiseA poor picture (sorry) but we also saw 3 pods of porpoises off Horse Point – 18 animals in total

west-penwithIt was pretty clear and you could see back to West Penwith on the Land’s End peninsula

merlinOn our way around to Troytown we saw this Merlin

troytown-mazeThe maze at Troytown – rather eroded on the south side

the-bishopAcross to the Bishop

hammockSomeone has constructed a hammock near the campsite

ringed-plover-1There were a few Ringed Plover in Porth Killier

grey-sealAlong with an Atlantic Grey Seal

3 thoughts on “Migration day on St Agnes

  1. Dear Adrian, I have been following your blog for about a month and loving it- both the id pics and the thoughts re Dartmoor and “rewinding” in general. Thanks! What a privilege to be on the Scillies! Good wishes Jane Grinsted

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  2. Love the Merlin. Only ever saw one once, in Wales, but I watched it take a Meadow Pipit in flight. Cormorants and Shags are difficult at a distance, but in this photo they are easy to separate. I struggle to identify them every year on the cliffs here, at a distance of 1/4 mile.

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