Rodney Bey restored

Readers of my blog may remember that when we took the Exmouth Gig Club gig Rodney Bey to the Lyme Regis Regatta we had a problem! She had been in storage over much of the summer and as a result the timbers had dried out and she leaked. In the 10 minutes she was in the water at Lyme Regis she took on 12″ of water and was therefore unusable.

She has now undergone repairs, thanks due to the expert efforts of George Ford, his father and members of the Club who have tightened rivets and re-wetted the boat. Yesterday we took Rodney Bey back down to Exmouth to see how successful the repairs had been.

Into the water – all eyes down looking for water inside the boat


There was none – so she was good to go – 6 rowers from the Club then had an hour long row in some challenging seas off the front at Exmouth.

It all went very well so Rodney Bey is now ready to race at the Sidmouth Regatta next Sunday. Well done to the team who fixed Rodney Bey, towed here to the beach, launched her and then rowed her.

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