Some late summer moths

The contents of my moth trap  changes now as we approach autumn. It is now dominated by Large Yellow Underwings, Flame Shoulders, Common Rustics and  Square-spot Rustics – an overwhelming predominance of brown moths.

Maiden's Blush
Amongst this backdrop are a few different moths – this is a Maiden’s Blush – it is a second generation animal as it has the dark blotches at the hind end of the forewing.

Double-striped pug
There are also a few pugs – small and often difficult to identify species – I think this is a Double-striped Pug, although I am happy to be corrected.

Cypress pug
This is a Cypress Pug – a species which is associated with Leylandii and other introduced Cypresses – it was first recorded in Cornwall in 1959. It is still uncommon but it found along the south coast from Cornwall to Kent

Rosy footman
This is a Rosy Footman

It won’t be long now until the proper autumnal moths begin to appear

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