Sea kayaking in Cornwall

I’ve just got back from a week’s holiday sea kayaking in Cornwall on a course organised by Sea Kayaking Cornwall – the same company I went to Scilly with (see here).

Four of the five days were spent on ‘expeditions’ of various lengths tied in with paddling and rescue skills, the other day was spent learning about navigation and charts in the morning and capsize/rolling practice in the afternoon. Here are a few pictures from the week.

Sea Kaying Cornwall 10On the first day we went on a short paddle from Swanpool Beach near Falmouth around the coast to Maenporth. This is the wreck of the Ben Asdale – a trawler that ran aground in 1979 – full story here.

Day 2 we paddled from Praa Sands around to Kenneggy Sands – we did a bit of rock hopping and played in the surf at Kenneggy.

Sea Kaying Cornwall 1
On the beach at Kenneggy Sand for lunch.

On Wednesday we went on a ‘proper’ expedition on the Lizard from Kennack Beach all the way round to Lizard Point and back.

Sea Kaying Cornwall 18
Entering a sea cave near Cadgwith

Sea Kaying Cornwall 16Emerging unscathed

Sea Kaying Cornwall 5Lunch at Church Cove

Sea Kaying Cornwall 20Approaching Lizard Point – so named after the Cornish Lysardh which means ‘high court’

Sea Kaying Cornwall 27The old lifeboat station at Lizard Point

Kennack to Lizard PointAnd here is the GPS trace of our journey – around a 12 mile round trip

Our final took us to the north coast and we had a good paddle from Portreath around the Deadman’s Cove.

Sea Kaying Cornwall 30
Inside Ralph’s Cupboard – a huge collapsed sea cave which was originally occupied by a giant called Wrath (Ralph) who was in the habit of wrecking ships, eating the crew and storing the cargo in the cave – his cupboard.

Sea Kaying Cornwall 29Looking out from the Cupboard

Sea Kaying Cornwall 6Lunch at Greenback Cove

Sea Kaying Cornwall 34It is an amazing piece of wild rugged coast – fantastic to see from the sea

Sea Kaying Cornwall 38Brilliant rock hopping through a sluicing channel

Here is my Flickr album from the week which has additional pictures in it.

Sea Kaying Cornwall 1

A really superb week – thanks to Ben and Mark who were our guides and coaches from Sea Kayak Cornwall, great also to meet and make some new friends – Sue, Stephanie, Ian, Anthony and Andy. Highly recommended.

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