A New Flora of Devon is coming

I’ve just received a flyer which announces a pre-publication offer for a A New Flora of Devon. Publication is expected in December this year. I have reproduced the flier in full below which gives you the full details of what to expect and how to order it. A pre-publication price of £40 for an 848 page full colour book seems very good value. I will be ordering my copy very soon – the pre-pub offer ends on the 5th November. This book will be essential for all those interested in and charged with conserving Devon’s plants.

Flora 1

Flora 3

Flora 2
Congratulations to the authors Roger Smith, Bob Hodgson and Jeremy Ison on completing this mammoth task – Devon is a huge county and contains 2000 species of plant. Since the publication of the 1984 Atlas around 1 million plant records have been collected at both 10km and 2km level.

Flora 4
This is the 1984 Atlas by R Ivimey-Cook who was one of my lecturers when I was an undergraduate at Exeter.

Flora 6
I remember consulting this book the Keble Martin and Gordon Fraser ‘Flora of Devon’ when I worked for Devon Wildlife Trust in 1983

Flora 7
Prior to the Flora of Devon an updated list produced by W.P. Hiern and the Rev Moyle Rogers was published in the 1906 Victorian County History of Devon

Flora 5
The first published Flora of Devon was published in 1829 J.P. Jones and J.F. Kingston

It is also good to see that the excellent Devonshire Association is continuing to support the publication of Devon floras.

As the flyer says “only a limited number will be printed and a second print run is unlikely” so if you want a copy make sure you order one in advance.

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