Lyme Regis Regatta

Exmouth Gig Club went to Lyme Regis Regatta yesterday and it was nearly a disaster. Our boat Rodney Bey had been out of the water for a few weeks and as a result leaked badly went put back in the water – as a result she was unusable! Fortunately and very kindly we were able to borrow boats from Bristol, Clevedon and Lyme Regis Gig Clubs and we all got our rows.

Lyme Regis 2
Great setting

Lyme Regis 3
Iconic images

Lyme Regis 11
Ladies Vets in Winspit

Lyme Regis 5
Ladies C in Avona

Lyme Regis 9Men’s B in Rebel

Video of Ladies C

Mens B

Mixed Race

Mens Super Vets - Lyme RegisHere is the GPS trace from the Mens Super Vets race which I rowed in

Men Vets Lyme RegisAnd here is the trace of the Mens Vets race which I also rowed in

Here are a few more photos of the Regatta from my Flickr account

Lyme Regis 1

Great day – difficult waves and thanks to all who helped us





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