Exmouth Gig Club and the One Family Foundation presentation

Yesterday I went to the award presentation where Exmouth Gig Club received its prize from the One Family Foundation (a Mutual Financial Services provider) – £25k which will enable the Club to buy a new gig boat. You may remember that people had to vote for the Exmouth Gig Club project against other community projects across the country. In the end the Club won comfortably but that was entirely due to people voting for our project. To those of you who did vote and I know a lot of you did – many thanks!

Here are a few photos from the day.

EGC-One Family Foundation 1
The celebratory cake

EGC-One Family Foundation 6Exmouth’s Mayor and Town Crier were in attendance

EGC-One Family Foundation 9Nicola who made the application for the Club and led the charge in getting us and our friends to vote watches on as a senior manager from One Family makes his speech.

EGC-One Family Foundation 13The group photo

EGC-One Family Foundation 17After the ceremony (and the cake) Avocet takes to the water with a One Family representative in the pilot’s seat (just above the word Avocet).

Here are a few other photos from the day from my Flickr album – you can scroll through the pictures

EGC-One Family Foundation 1

The Club has now commissioned a new gig to be built by Louis Hunkin of Fowey who has also built various other boats including Dagger, Essa, Keith Owen, Nipper, Pulpit Rock, Templer, Troy and Winspit.

Dagger 1
This is Dagger – the Bridport boat

Keith Owen_And here is Keith Owen – the Sidmouth boat

A very special day for Exmouth Gig Club and a huge thanks to the One Family Foundation. I am hoping to make a trip to Fowey in due course to see our new boat being built.

EGC-One Family Foundation 18After a few beers we were treated to a fantastic sunset.

If you fancy giving Gig Rowing a go – you can sign up for one of our taster sessions – see here.






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