The phenomenon of beach pebble art

Over the past few years I have noticed the massive increase in the number and variety of pebble art installations on the beaches around the Isles of Scilly.

St Mary's pebble art
They pop up on and just above many of the pebble beaches around the Islands – these are on St Mary’s.

St Mary's pebble art2
They tend to range from 5 pebble structures

St Mary's pebble art3
to 7 or 8

St Agnes pebble art
New designs are appearing – this one on Troytown beach on St Agnes – megalithic in design. When I took this picture there were a dozen or so families on the beach all creating their own structures

Bryher pebble art
I’ve even got this one from Bryher as my Wallpaper on my iPhone.

I guess they take their lead from the nature installation artist Andy Goldsworthy?

Seems a good way of better people involved with nature but there are an awful lot of them now – what do others think?

5 thoughts on “The phenomenon of beach pebble art

  1. Modern day megalithic man – harmless fun for families on the beach and temporary. Just don’t let those aliens who create crop circles get any big ideas!

  2. A characteristic of much of Andy Goldsworthy’s art is that it is short-lived, sometimes in the extreme, and often its process of disintegration is an intrinsically interesting part of the work. Not sure the same goes for these amateur versions; they just stand for a time and then fall over. I have no problem with them individually, though a lot of them perhaps gets a bit tiresome. Still, if people must leave their mark on nature this possibly isn’t the worst way. A mildly curious phenomenon.

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