A circumnavigation of St Mary’s

Last night we had a ‘Scilly’ barbecue – freshly caught lobsters, crabs and mackerel by local fisherman Paul Lewis.

Tasted fantastic

Caught three hours earlier

Today is the last day of the sea kayak holiday and we set out on a circumnavigation of St Mary’s.

Harold Wilson's graveOur first stop of the day was at Old Town Beach – I took a few people up to the Church to show them Harold Wilson’s grave.

PenninisOnwards past Penninis  Head

Sea blasted rockAmazing storm weathered rock

Pulpit rocl
Up towards Pulpit Rock

Porth Hellick DownWeather changed at the south east corner of the island – no rain by a bit gloomy

St Mary's across to Martins
Around to Bar Point and the sun was back out

Pattern on beach
Great patterns on the beach

An amazing week with Sea Kayaking Cornwall – thanks so much to our guides and tutors Shaun and Mark – highly, highly recommended if you want an adventure.


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