A kayak to St Martins and a photo with the Scilly Sargeant

Another fantastic day’s weather – we started this morning on a lovely long beach on Tresco – we were taken back to St Mary’s last night on a warp factor 10 speed boat after the wind got up making our return by paddle unsafe. This morning we were brought on the same boat but this time  at warp factor 5.

The Endeavour – a rapid way to start the day.

Compass jellyfishFound this Compass Jellyfish on the beach before we set off

Through the seaweedPaddling through the seaweeds

Old Grimsby beachA short break on the beach next to Old Grimsby on Tresco

Tutors  Shawn and MarkOur two kayak tutors – Shawn and Mark with St Helens and the Round Island Lighthouse in the background

Kayaks on the Martin's beachAnd then on to St Martin’s with Tean in the background

St Martins at Low TideWe had a couple of hours to walk around the island – a low tide across St Martin’s

With Scilly Sargeant

Dropped into the Seven Stones pub for a pint and by chance met The Scilly Sargeant (Colin Taylor) – I wrote a review of his excellent memoir of his time on Scilly – see here and he had liked it so I thought I would say hello. It turned out that today was his last day on the Islands – he returns permanently to the Mainland tomorrow. A selfie with him seemed the right thing to do. All the best to Colin for his new future in the Police Force in Devon.

A long paddle back to St Mary’s where we had to take ‘evasive action’ to avoid the departing Scillonian. Another excellent day – we paddled 8.5 miles in total. Tomorrow (weather permitting) we are off to the Eastern Isles.

3 thoughts on “A kayak to St Martins and a photo with the Scilly Sargeant

  1. HI Adrian

    Love this blog, full of interest and humour! So look forward to receiving them!

    Thank you and enjoy The Islands Xxx Margot

    Best Wishes

    Margot 🙂

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