The gatekeepers have emerged

The first gatekeepers of the year have emerged in my garden. Gatekeepers are also known as hedge browns.

Gatekeeper 1
Attractive summer butterflies which can be identified by their bright orange brown colours and the black spot on the forewing which contains two white dots. The similar looking meadow brown is duller and only has one white spot in the black dot.

Gatekeeper 2The underside of the wings which again show the black spot with the two white dots.

This is a species of butterfly which is doing pretty well – it is also spreading northwards into Cumbria and Yorkshire – as a result of climate change it won’t be long before it gets to Scotland.

2 thoughts on “The gatekeepers have emerged

  1. Saw the title of this blogpost before the contents …. and thought you were referring to the new members of Theresa May’s cabinet! – while waiting to see who will run DEFRA etc 🙂 Much nicer to read about butterflies!

  2. I’ve seen them at Castle Drogo, (not this year yet) – the butterfly equivalent of the Robin for making one feel cheerful!

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