This is where we have got to

So today there are no pictures of moths, wildlife generally, seascapes or landscapes, instead a video from a political commentator and a letter from my MP. For me the title of this blog sums it all up – ‘this is where we have got to’. It is a moment in time – it is not a direction, it is not a plan, it is in fact very depressing.

The video is of James O Brien, a political journalist from LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) – I’ve watched this half a dozen times now and for me it is spot on.

Secondly I have had a reply from my MP Ben Bradshaw in response to my open letter to him – see here. For those of you with a Gmail account you will know there are three tabs where emails arrive ‘Primary’, ‘Social’ and ‘Promotions’. The following email arrived in the latter.

Dear Adrian,

Thank you for contacting me recently regarding the result of the EU referendum.

I share your bitter disappointment at the Referendum result, although I am proud of Exeter and grateful to you for having voted Remain.

I will certainly use the Remain mandate that Exeter gave me to try to salvage something from this mess. You may already have seen comments I gave to the Express and Echo, which I attach for your attention:

My Labour colleagues and I have also already forced and won a vote in Parliament to guarantee the rights of EU nationals living here to stay.

There is one more important, practical thing that anyone who cares about our future in Europe can do –  help my Party ensure that we elect a new, effective and competent pro-European leader. The country is crying out for somebody who can speak for the 48% (and the growing number of people who voted Leave and now regret it).

So please take a moment to do this and, if you feel able, become a member of the Labour Party or register an interest to become a registered supporter for just £3 as and when a leadership contest is triggered. With good, pro-European leadership, Labour could do much more to hold the Government to account, resist any rush to Brexit and stand on a pro-European platform at what is likely to be an early election.

Thanks again and with very best wishes,

Ben Bradshaw MP


One thought on “This is where we have got to

  1. The comments made by James in 2 mins are right to the point. Question is where now? how does the country set a meaningful direction out of the mess this has created?

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