Paignton Regatta

Spent most of yesterday afternoon on the seafront at Paignton attending Paignton Gig Club’s Regatta. It was an overcast day but fortunately it didn’t rain but it was quite breezy.

Paignton Pier
The Pier

Paignton's Mens B
Exmouth’s Men B head off into the gloom

In the mix
In the mix

Naked man?
Looks like half a boatful of naked men!

Paignton Ladys Vets
Exmouth’s Lady Vets

Paignton Ladys Vets 2
With their new Cox Greg

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 21.52.34
Here is the GPS from the race I was in – Mens C – it was mighty choppy out there and after our race the rest of the Regatta was cancelled!Paignton Rodney Bey

Rodney Bey on the beach – she is a great training boat but is very heavy which makes her uncompetitive when racing. Exmouth Gig Club are currently trying to win a poll to raise £25k to get a new boat built. You can help by voting for us here. Use you Facebook login and then vote for our project – it will only take you a couple of minutes – thank you.

Here is a video of Catalina – the Cattewater Gig winning the Mens A race

Thanks to Paignton Gig Club for organising so well, thanks to all at EGC for attending, rowing, coxing, towing etc.

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