Devon’s tigers

Yesterday when I was at the Bridge Inn in Topsham meeting some friends we saw a Scarlet Tiger moth which is a local species and a very pretty one. It flew off before I managed to photograph it but here is a picture of one courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Scarlet tiger moth Wikimedia Commons
The Scarlet Tiger (via Wikimedia Commons)

The season is also close approaching for the closely related Jersey Tiger is is now pretty common in Devon particularly near to the south coast.

Jersey tiger 2
The Jersey Tiger

Both these species are day flying moths. Another related species is the Garden Tiger which is a night flying moth. It was once a common species but in recent years has undergone a dramatic decline. I haven’t caught one in my trap for years now.

Garden tiger
The Garden Tiger

Never let it be said that moths are dull!


2 thoughts on “Devon’s tigers

  1. You might want to see Shillingford Organics Facebook page as they have just posted an entry and some nice photos:-
    “I feel I should explain the wind was so strong today these beautiful Scarlet Tiger Moths were being blown around so I encouraged them to crawl onto my hand and took them to a sheltered area”

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