Bridport Regatta

I attended Bridport Regatta yesterday with the Exmouth Gig Club, the weather at the beginning of the day was pretty gloomy but by noon the sun was out and we spent the rest of the day basking in it. Here are a few photos from the day.

Bridport’s harbour, the town has long been famous for rope making and net making. Indeed the town made the ropes for the nooses on the gallows and the expression “stabbed by a Bridport Dagger” was used for those hung by one of the town’s ropes. Today one of Bridport’s gigs is called Dagger and a noose appears as part of the Club’s logo.

Bridport - men's BFirst race of the day – Exmouth’s Mens B leave the harbour for the open sea

Bridport - men's B - startThe line up at the start of the Mens B race

Bridport - women's C - turnThe Ladies C team at the turn pass a stand up paddle boarder!


And if you look carefully there is a dog in a life jacket on the paddle board…..

Bridport - women's C - 2Ladies C on the home leg

Bridport Men's C RaceThis is the GPS trail and data from the Mens C race I rowed in

Bridport - Men's Vets Race

And here is the same for the Mens Vet Race

In both races it was easier going out than coming back and we were much quicker in the C race!

Bridport - bailing outBailing out Rodney Bey before the mixed team race

Bridport - mixedThe mixed crew set off – everyone fixed in concentration on their own oar

Here is a video of the Lyme Regis Gig Club’s boat Tempest and its crew winning the Mens A Race – technique alert!

It takes a lot of time and effort behind the scenes to attend and compete in a Regatta so thanks to everyone who made it happen and thanks to the crews and coxes on the day – great fun. Finally thanks to Bridport Gig Club for organising it.

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