Cracking moths in the trap last night

It was a warm and humid night last night and as a result there were lots of moths in the trap. Nothing rare but lots of rather splendid looking animals.

Beautiful Golden Y 1
This is a Beautiful Golden Y  (beautiful is part of its name thus the capital letter)

Beautiful Golden Y 2Another view once I have released back into the garden

Lilac beautyThis is a Lilac Beauty – amazing colours along its forewing

Beautiful HooktipThis is a Beautiful Hook-tip – rather confusingly it is a Noctuid moth and not a Drepanid moth where all the other hook-tips are to be found

Heart and ClubA Heart and Club with splendid feathery antennae

Buff ErmineA Buff Ermine

The LackeyA Lackey

Elephant HawkmothAnd everyone’s favourite – an Elephant Hawkmoth


3 thoughts on “Cracking moths in the trap last night

  1. I’m really getting into moths after all these beautiful photos. I’ve been rather anti in the past … assuming that they’re only interested in chewing holes in my cashmere cardigans.

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