It’s National Insect Week

Today see the start of National Insect Week which runs until the 26th June. It is organised every two years by the Royal Entomological Society to raise the profile of insects and encourage people to learn more about them

So here is my contribution – a few more moths from the trap in my garden.

Poplar hawk moth
A cracking Poplar Hawk Moth – with a wingspan of nearly 50mm they are impressive beasts – the adults fly from mid May to  July. As their name suggests the caterpillars feed on poplars (and willows).

Double square-spotThis is a Double Square-spot. Perhaps most people’s perception of a moth! The adults fly from June to early August and the caterpillars feed on various herbaceous plants such as primroses and cow parsley.

White ermineThe White Ermine – has two generations a year – the first from mid May to late July and the second from September to October. The caterpillars feed on nettles and dock.

Brimstone moth

A Brimstone Moth – a common species that can have three generations per year between April and October. The caterpillars feed on the leaves of bushes such as blackthorn and hawthorn.

Ghost moth female

Finally a female Ghost Moth. The males are white and perform a very characteristic display or ‘lek’ where they flutter up and down at dusk (thus the name) trying to attract females. They have one generation a year between June and early August and the caterpillars feed on the roots of grasses along with many species of plants such as nettles and docks.


One thought on “It’s National Insect Week

  1. Adrian

    We got a bit of a bug hunt (blue ground beetle if wet) along with Moths/Otter/Bats on Saturday in the Bovey, it’s just a small group with a few beers round the camp fire etc, interested ?


    David Rickwood

    Site Manager Devon

    Local Office Devon : 08452 935810

    Mobile: 07827 820637

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