3 green moths

I guess most people are unaware of the diversity and beauty of moths. They mainly fly at night and therefore go undetected. Here are three green moths that I caught in my moth trap in my garden in Exeter last night.

Green arches
This is Green Arches – it flies as an adult in June and July and it’s caterpillars feed on a range of plants such as primroses, docks, honeysuckle and bramble, all of which are common in my garden.

Green silver lines
This is the Green Silver-lines – the adults fly from May to July and their caterpillar feed on the leaves of various broadleaved trees such as oak and birch

Light emerald
This is the Light Emerald sat on the plastic dome of the moth trap. There are two generations of adult per year, one flies from late May to early August and the second from late August into September. The caterpillars feed on the leaves of broadleaved trees such as oak, hawthorn, blackthorn and birch.

If you don’t run a moth trap you don’t know what you are missing out on! If you fancy giving it a go see here.

3 thoughts on “3 green moths

  1. The Green Silver-lines is spectacularly well camouflaged – just like a leaf with veins. I don’t know anything about moths, but I found my first Speckled Yellow this year, on gorse in the woods.

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