The last couple of days have been brutal for Britain – turn to nature for solace

The last couple of days have been brutal for Britain and has left the nation aghast – what has preceded it has been largely unedifying and not  worthy of our country.

Many of us are in shock and fearful for the future. We have a very challenging week ahead of us on many counts and at the end of it some will be ecstatic and some will be desolate.

My suggestion to you for this weekend is to go to you local favourite piece of green space – it doesn’t matter whether it is in the countryside  or in an urban area. I promise you it will give you solace, it will give you time to take in some deep breathes and relax. It will also give you time to  focus on the wonder and the awe of nature. You will feel better and you will be re-charged to tackle the coming week.

One of my favourite places is Dawlish Warren – it looks spectacular at the moment and here are a few photographs I have taken recently. Some of the plants are originally from Britain and some are not – I’m not going to say which are which because they are all beautiful and make the Warren what it is.

Southern Marsh Orchid 2
Southern Marsh Orchid

Southern Marsh Orchid 1A close up

Yellow bartsia 1Yellow Bartsia

Yellow bartsia 2Another close up

Blue-eyed grassBlue-eyed grass

Bird's foot trefoilBird’s foot trefoil

Evening primroseEvening primrose

Hare's-tail grassHare’s tail grass

Marsh helleborineThe buds of marsh helleborine

Marsh heleborineAnd this is what they will will look like soon – there is hope in the future!

The future is uncertain BUT there is solace in nature and it will carry us through if you only imbibe






5 thoughts on “The last couple of days have been brutal for Britain – turn to nature for solace

  1. Brutal is a good word for it. Knowing that regardless of man and his/her fights and squabbles nature will carry on doing what it does always gives a sense of comfort to me in tough times.

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