Quartz and Feldspar – the paperback – updated edition

Quartz and Feldspar – the  account of Dartmoor’s past, present and potential future written by Matthew Kelly has been re-issued in paperback and includes a new section on the re-wilding debate.  I have reviewed the first edition on this blog before – see here and here.


Quartz and Feldspar 2
This is a great book for lovers of Dartmoor and includes a great deal of useful information. Honoured also to be quoted in the revised edition for some of the work I have done in the Plym Valley.

You can get the book from your local bookshop (Waterstones in Exeter for example have stocked it in the past) or here.



4 thoughts on “Quartz and Feldspar – the paperback – updated edition

  1. I’m pleased to be mentioned as ‘one of a new generation of DPA activists’. It’s an excellent book, however, I do feel it’s rather too much a desk exercise, lacking the human insight he’d have gained from talking to the protagonists.

    • Thanks Kate (and thanks Adrian). That’s a fair criticism. It was a decision I consciously took, but it wasn’t one I was ever entirely happy with. Partly I made it because the richness of the archive and the public record is so great and interpreting it is historically challenging enough, but it was also because the range of possible informants (as they say in the trade) is huge and achieving balance would have been difficult. I didn’t want to be accused of partisanship. We all know how contentious Dartmoor politics can be and I felt stepping back from that was necessary. There must be readers surprised to find statements they made years ago preserved in print…

      Interviews would probably have benefitted the reception of the book, not least because local opinion formers would then have been more invested in the outcome. That might be a future project. If I was based in the westcountry – alas not – I’d have armies of students chasing you down!

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