Dartmoor Upland Bird Nest Group – a nice gesture

Earlier in the year I supported a crowding funding campaign for the Dartmoor Upland Bird Nest Group. They raised £3728 from 95 donors which has enabled them to purchase equipment, bird rings and fund additional survey hours in the field.

In the post yesterday I received a ‘thank you’ from the group – a photo and some postcards.

Stonechat - Charles Tyler
The photo is of a stonechat taken by Professor Charles Tyler

Postcards John WaltersThe postcards are lovely paintings by John Walters

A very nice gesture – thank you. It is an important project working out what is happening to Dartmoor’s birds such as the cuckoo, whinchat and meadow pipit.

Find out more about the group and their work by clicking here.


6 thoughts on “Dartmoor Upland Bird Nest Group – a nice gesture

  1. Adrian, there seem to be moor male cuckoos calling this year above Okehampton maybe 4 cuckoo territories, at the camp, in the open section of the East Okemont at moor gate, Irishmans Wall, has it been a good season ?

  2. Have watched afew tv programs of late where they claim a host of migrating birds are shot whilst passing over some countries as their protection program isn’t as good as it might be,guess education in this area wouldn’t be a bad thing.However if it’s just to put food on their tables could prove difficult.

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