Red kites and white horses

On the way back from the East of England yesterday we stopped briefly at Uffington White Horse Hill in Oxfordshire – the highest point in the county which hosts the 3000 year old Bronze Age stylised white horse carved into the chalk.

Red kite 2
It was glorious weather and a number of red kites were flying, gliding and soaring around the site

Red kite 1
Twenty years ago there would have been no red kites here – one of our conservation success stories

Red kite 3
I never tire of watching red kites – one day soon they will recolonise Devon …..

The Uffington White Horse – carved into the species rich chalk grassland 3000 years ago – a time when Wessex was part of the Celtic nation …..

Uffington-White-Horse-sat Wikimedia Commons

It is hard to see the horse in all its glory from the ground – here is a view from the air – courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
By USGS – World Wind (go), Public Domain,

St George's
Nearby is Dragon Hill – the place where St George slew the dragon!

A magical place for its wildlife, its archaeology, legends and views – from the hill top you can look at six English counties – well worth a visit if you are passing – the site is owned and managed by the National Trust.



2 thoughts on “Red kites and white horses

  1. I’m watching a kite’s nest at the moment in the Chilterns, hard to see with all the beech leaves but I’m hoping there’ll be a little fluffy white head or heads soon.

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