Great Crested Grebes and their chicks

Went to Flatford Mill yesterday for a visit – there are several walks you can take around the area – one took us to this little lake owned by the National Trust. It was home to a pair of great crested grebes.

Great crested grebe 1
At first view the photo looks like a pair of great crested grebes – the one on the left with ruffled feathers

Great crested grebe 2
In fact the pair have a brood of young chicks

Great crested grebe 3
Which ride on the backs of the adult birds – the chicks have pretty little zebra faces

Great crested grebe 6
There are in fact 5 chicks

Great crested grebe 4
Every now and again the adult flaps its wings to dislodge the chicks and give them some swimming practice

Great crested grebe 5
The other adult seems happy to still be a pontoon!

Great crested grebe 7Eventually that adult dislodges the chick and goes and catches fish for the youngsters

Classic behaviour rarely viewed – what a privilege to have seen it






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