Longhorn beetles – new Facebook page and the season begins

Longhorn beetles are one of my favourite groups of insects. Recently a new Facebook Group has been set up to promote the recording of them – Longhorn beetle Recording Scheme – it is well worth joining if you like longhorn beetles too.

Longhorn beetles spend the majority of their lives as larvae – living inside the deadwood / living wood of twigs and stumps. Around April and May many species emerge as adults. I never really set out looking for longhorn beetles you just tend to bump into them from time to time. I have written about the longhorns of Parke near Bovey Tracey where I used to work – see here and here.

Rhagium bifasciatus1
This is the two-banded longhorn beetle Rhagium bifasciatus

Leptura aurulenta1
And this is the rarer golden-haired longhorn beetle Leptura aurulenta

obocuThis is a photo from 15-20 years ago of the twin-spot longhorn beetle Oberea oculata – one of the rarest longhorns in the country – I used to spend hours looking for it at Wicken Fen – its only surviving colony now is just off the Fen near the River Cam

If you find any longhorns or any other species for that matter you can submit the records using the excellent website/app iRecord – your records will then be passed onto the relevant recorder and can be used to monitor and conserve the species into the future – see here.


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