Isles of Scilly World Gig Rowing Championships 2016

As well as going birding on the Isles of Scilly I am here for the gig rowing in the 2016 World Gig Rowing Championships!

AC - Rodney BeyLast night I rowed for the Exmouth Gig Club in Rodney Bey in the Vet’s Team.

ECG Vets

Racing in the chop! To be honest that was a flat bit of water – if only it had all been like that. But… it was much better than our trials and tribulations of last year – see here.

ResultsThe results

Rodney Bey
On the beach at St Mary’s preparing the boat with Bob and Steve

Rodney Bey 2
There are 140 gigs competing this weekend – for some reason the blue, white and orange Scilly flag is upside down!

Today and tomorrow I am rowing for Boscastle and Crackington Gig Rowing Club in their boat Rival. I had only intended to row for Exmouth – my own club, in the Vet’s Race but Boscastle and Crackington were a man short – as I have lots of family connections with Crackington  it seemed like a good idea on Thursday to volunteer for them …. time will tell.

Avona is a brand new gig for the Clifton Gig Club – the chaplain Perran Gay had just blessed the boat and is now being taken on its maiden voyage

Gig 1
Great light on a colourful boat

New oars! They won’t look like that on Sunday night…..

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