Snowy Owl on Bryher

Went over to Bryher in search of a Snowy Owl. This individual animal was first recorded a couple of weeks ago in West Cornwall near St Just on the Land’s End peninsula. It is thought to have then flown over to the Isles of Scilly around a week ago.

Snowy owl 2
Despite it being a pretty cool day there was quite a haze up on Shipman Down which unfortunately means that the photos are not that great – nevertheless this is an amazingly impressive bird.

Snowy owl 3
Settled behind a rock

Snowy owl 4
The bird flew to a new part of the Downs

Snowy owl 1
Snowy owls are very big birds – they stand at a height of 2 feet and have a wing span larger than that of a buzzard. They normally live in the Arctic and feed on mountain hares and lemmings. On Scilly this individual should find plenty of rats on Bryher to eat. Will be interesting to see how long it stays for.

Short (shaky) video – amazing rotation of its head.

First time I have ever seen a Snowy Owl – happy days.


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