Some spring birds in the sunshine along with something unexpected

Whilst I was at Yarner Woods earlier in the week looking for Pied Flycatchers I managed to photograph a few other birds as well.

Great spotted wodpecker
A cracking Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great spotted woddpecker 2I think I have been spotted too

SiskinA colourful male Siskin on the feeders

NuthatchA Nuthatch

Later in the day I went over to Emsworthy looking for Cuckoos and photographed a male Wheatear

Wheatear 1Sat on one of the stone walls

Wheatear 2A migrant that is now on Dartmoor in considerable numbers

Next day I went to Woodbury and Aylesbeare Commons in search of cuckoos – no joy…. try again in a couple of weeks

Blackcap female

I found this female Blackcap on Aylesbeare Common


And at the Devon Wildlife Trust’s reserve Bystock on Woodbury Common I photographed this terrapin – wasn’t expecting that. No doubt some pet owner dumped it here when it got too big and it will now be munching its way through dragonfly and damselfly larvae – what a shame.

One thought on “Some spring birds in the sunshine along with something unexpected

  1. We saw a nuthatch yesterday at Killerton estate. I was only able to recognise it because of your recent fab photo. Love your blog Adrian – so interesting. It makes me realise that there are so many amazing features of nature to see. I must go around with my eyes closed!

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