What do these books all have in common?

The answer I am looking for is NOT that they are all nature / wildlife books ….

Carry Ackroyd 1
The excellent British Wildlife series

Carry Ackroyd 2
Four recent books including the just published Wild Kingdom by Stephen Moss which I have just started reading

Tweet of the day
Tweet of the Day which I often feature in this blog – see here and here for example

Got it?

Nature's powersAll the books feature the art work of Carry Akroyd – the very talented and successful artist who lives in Northamptonshire. I have known Carry for many years (I used to live and work in Northamptonshire for the Wildlife Trust where we first met).

Wicken Fen
I was even lucky enough to be given one of her paintings when I left the National Trust at Wicken Fen and moved back to Devon.

Check out her website here

Her paintings and prints capture the essence of our wildlife and make it more likely that more of us will want to conserve it

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