The wren – Britain’s most successful bird

The tiny wren is Britain’s most abundant bird – it is also the third smallest (lightest) only being beaten by the goldcrest and firecrest.

Wren 1
This bird was in my garden yesterday and was very agitated by a cat sat under a hedge.

Wren 2The Latin name for the wren is Troglodytes troglodytes – which means cave dweller – this does not refer to where it nests but its ability to shelter in holes and hunt for insects and spiders within them

Wren 3This ability to keep low in the landscape and disappear into crevices is one of the reasons it is found in so many habitats from hedges to garden and woodlands to moorland.

For a tiny bird it also has a very loud song – listen here to the classic Radio 4 ‘Tweet of the Day’ episode on the wren.

If you haven’t seen it – I can seriously recommend the book that accompanies the Radio 4 Series ‘Tweet of the Day’ by Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss which is beautifully illustrated by Carry Ackroyd.

Carry Ackroyd Wren 2
Here is Carry’s painting of a wren in a hedge along with a dunnock and a chaffinch.

Carry Ackroyd Wren 1And here her print of a wren – always singing

Tweet of the dayThis is the book – and here are the details.




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