Three beaches, some wild seas, islands and a harbour

Despite some pretty apocalyptic weather forecasts for the Easter period we have been pretty fortunate in Pembrokeshire National Park over the weekend. Here are a some photographs from the weekend of some fantastic beaches, some stormy sea shots, a couple of islands and an amazing harbour.

Freshwater West 1
This Freshwater West – a huge beach in south Pembrokeshire where some of the Harry Potter films were made.

Freshwater West 2Behind the beach is a huge sand dune complex – a National Trust site. Here we saw five chough.

Freshwater West 3We went body boarding here on Friday

Porth y RhawYesterday morning we walked from Nine Wells to Solva along the Coastal Footpath – this is Porth y Rhaw along with a wild sea

Below Morfa CommonMore wild coastline towards Solva – I could hardly stand in the wind taking this picture

Solva HarbourFinally arriving at the sheltered harbour at Solva – this used to be a port where you could get a passage to America for £4. The headland on the right hand side of the picture contains an Iron Age Hill Fort on the highest ground. On the way back we were met by a 30 minute hail storm which wasn’t a lot of fun!

Little HavenYesterday afternoon we we drove down the coast  – this is the beach at Little Haven.

Little Haven - Broad Haven beachFrom the point at Little Haven looking up another huge sandy beach to Broad Haven

Little Haven - Broad Haven beach 2Another view of the same place

SkomerLater in the  afternoon – in glorious sunshine and a stiff breeze we walked from Martin’s Haven near Marloes – this Skomer Island – the amazing and famous Wildlife Trust seabird reserve. (Two more chough here!)

SkokholmThis Skokholm Island – another really important seabird reserve also managed by the Wildlife Trust of West Wales

Gateholm IslandA little bit further east along the coast you come to Gateholm Island

Marloes Beach 3And finally you reach the awesome Marloes Sands – owned by the National Trust

Marloes Beach 2I bet you wish you were there yesterday?

Marloes Beach 1I’m really pleased we ventured out and weren’t intimidated by the weather forecast.

Still go a couple of Pembrokeshire blogs to write but today  I am off back to Devon. If you haven’t been to Pembrokeshire – it is magical and well worth a visit, a long weekend doesn’t do it justice but it will give you a flavour – luckily this was my 7th trip …..

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