A glorious walk around Stackpole in the sunshine

Am in Pembrokeshire for a couple of days and yesterday we had a walk around the National Trust’s Estate at Stackpole which is in the National Park.

Stackpole 12
We parked up and started the walk at Lodge Park

Stackpole 1Dropped down to Bosherton Lakes and walked across the 8 Arch Bridge

Stackpole 2After walking through Stackpole Park (which is now intensive farmland) we ended up at Stackpole Quay

Stackpole 5We walked around the coastal footpath and arrived at Barafundle Bay

Stackpole 6From there – up the path to Stackpole Head

Stackpole 7The cliffs are high and spectacular – if you enlarge this picture (double click) you can see two climbers just to the right of the top of the cave!

Stackpole 8Reminds me very much of the North Devon and North Cornwall coastline

Stackpole 9We then arrived at another sandy beach – Broad Haven

Stackpole 10Across Stackpole Warren and we are back at another arm of Bosherton Lakes

Stackpole 11View from the boathouse on the Lake and then back up to the car.

The walk is about 4-5 miles and has  amazing contrasts in scenery along its route.


3 thoughts on “A glorious walk around Stackpole in the sunshine

  1. Love to see that lovely place someday. My stepfather was from around Carmarthen and I stayed at his parent’s place, called Starling Park, as a girl. No one at the local store spoke English so I used to go shop for gran there with a note. Wales is a lovely place.

  2. Hi ; welcome to Pembrokeshire Adrian, I found your blog a few months ago and you keep going to places that I value from my past (I grew up in Devon and honeymooned on Dartmoor)
    You and I worked together in the NT management plan days 30 years ago I believe & i now work for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park -hope you enjoy your visit. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog.
    Charles Mathieson

    • Hi Charles – I often wondered where you went to after the NT. I have now left the NT after 18 years as PM for Wicken Fen and GM for Dartmoor. Am about to start a PhD on the Dartmoor Commons. Also I recently worked with Sally Glass who was part of the Management Plan Team in her capacity as Regional Manager for the Woodland Trust – we jointly bought Fingle Woods in the Teign Valley.

      Thanks for your kind comments about my blog – one more day in Pembs today and the sun is shining again!

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