Badgers at St Ennodoc

I played golf at St Ennodoc yesterday with the Devon and Exeter Squash and Racketball Golf Society. It was an excellent day out. I was amazed though by the amount of badger activity on parts of the course.

St Ennodoc 1
This was one of about a dozen areas of turned over grassland

St Ennodoc 2Looking down to St Ennodoc Church where Sir John Betjeman is buried.

I did wonder at first whether there were wild boar in the area but the consensus is that this was caused by badgers. The West Cornwall Badger Group offer the following advice – see here.

This is a seasonal problem and should soon stop.

2 thoughts on “Badgers at St Ennodoc

  1. I once saw that my local council were offering a proprietary badger repellent (some kind of chemical?). Any info about this, please.

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