Mend Dartmoor

The British Mountaining Council (BMC) has launched a campaign to raise £100,000 to repair various footpaths in national parks around the country. One of the projects is on Dartmoor – the footpath and bridleway that runs from Princetown down to Ditsworthy Warren. The track is well used by walkers and mountain bikers. The section from Nunn’s Cross south is in a particularly poor condition.

Here is a video about the project that has been produced by the Dartmoor National Park Authority.

Nunns Cross FarmThis is part of the track in question at Nunn’s Cross Farm

Nunns Cross Farm 1

The track is widely used by people training for 10 Tors and I can certainly confirm that parts are very difficult to walk now and as a result most people walk off the track creating erosion in new areas.

I will support this as that will help make the DNPA’s money go further – here is the link if you want to help too.

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