The wild daffodils of Cod Wood in the Teign Valley

When people think of wild daffodils on Dartmoor they normally think of the Devon Wildlife Trust’s reserve Dunsford Wood at Steps Bridge. There is indeed a good colony of wild daffodils there but there is also a large population in Cod Wood (SX783896) on the other side of the river. Cod Wood is owned and managed by the National Trust and Woodland Trust and is part of Fingle Woods. It can accessed from the Clifford Bridge end or from the car park up from Steps Bridge. There is a new walking and cycling track along the river which greatly improves access.

Wild daffodils 2
The wild daffodils are only just starting to flower. These are wild native plants – cultivated varieties of daffodil have been flowering for a while now and some are bred to flower very early in the year.

Wild daffodils 1
Most plants are still in bud so I would think the spectacle will be most impressive in a week to ten days time.

Hazel catkins
The hazel catkins have been out for quite a while now

Cod Wood
An un-named granite outcrop beneath the towering conifers which over time will be replaced by broadleaved species

One thought on “The wild daffodils of Cod Wood in the Teign Valley

  1. You finish your post: “an un-named granite outcrop”. Although the OS map shows about 180 tors, there are a similar number of unnamed tors and outcrops known to me. The one you show appear to be those near Clifford Bridge, but there are those downstream from Prestonbury Castle which are very fine, that on the summit of Widdon Deer Park (above the wall), and those in the field just downstream of Dogmarsh Bridge for example.
    These few are all unrecorded in any list of tors and outcrops that I have seen, and are all within the confines of the Fingle Woods area.

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