Preparing for a cold night out on the moor

I’m getting ready for our first overnight 10 Tors camp this evening on Dartmoor. It is going to be a cold night (-3 degrees with a windchill of -8 degrees) so it is best not to forget anything important (I always forget something….).

10 Tors gear

My 55 litre rucksack will contain, tent, sleeping mat, 3 season sleeping bag, food for tonight, Jetboil, spoon, mug and chamomile teabags, water container, 2 Dartmoor maps, head torch and spare battery, lighter, all team’s routes, first aid kit, whistle, 2 survival bags, a mat, ’10 Tors Green Card’, waterproof bags, waterproof phone case, camera, phone, note book and pen, all staff/team leader contact details,  compass, waterproof lined gloves, warm hat, overtrousers and a book to read (still working out which one – probably going to be Raptor – see here.

I think it is going to be a five layer evening too – marino wool long sleeved base layer, lightweight fleece, heavyweight fleece, down filled gillet (doubles as a pillow) and waterproof coat, along with gaiters and walking boots.

And of course my wallet with my breakfast vouchers for the Fox Tor Cafe in the morning where we need to rustle up a couple of people for our (National Trust Wild Tribe) 55 mile team as well as have the legendary cooked breakfast.

Have I remembered everything and perhaps more importantly will all the young people out with us tonight remember everything too …..

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