A pair of bullfinches in the garden

I was really pleased to find a bullfinch on my feeder the other day – see here. I am now even more pleased as I seem to have a pair. I have now managed to photograph the  pair – not at the same time but both in the same place.

Bullfinch 5 f
This is the female – she has a light  crimson breastBullfinch 4 fAnother shot – the light was poor – thus the quality of the photoBullfinch 1This the male – a much brighter ‘red’ breastBullfinch 3Another picture of the male

Will monitor the situation over the coming months to see if they breed in my garden.



One thought on “A pair of bullfinches in the garden

  1. I’ve discovered they love the seeds of budleja so I leave pruning till late late winter. I’ve been watching 5 hens & 1 cock feeding right outside my bedroom window this morning. A lot shyer than the other finches & a lot harder to photograph, if I try to open the window they go instantly. Time to clean the windows. 🙂

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