The Robin in my garden is building a nest …… in February!

Interesting …. a robin in my garden has started nest building – normally they build their nests in March.

It is the female robin who builds the nest

The photos were taken through my kitchen window and you can clearly see that this bird is collecting oak leaves to build the nest. The nest is actually by my front door in a Wisteria. Before the robin adds to the nest she lands on the post in front of the window – has a good look around and decides whether it is safe to go to the nest unobserved. If I move in the kitchen and she spots it she flies off in a different direction. If I stay still she goes to the nest and continues building.


Robins will build their nests as early as January if the weather is mild and during the course of the season can have up to 5 broods – three is the average. So nesting is February is not exceptional but would you call the February weather mild? It is probably average – at the moment it is pretty cold but there have been some freezing nights and it would appear there are some more to come.

It makes me wonder whether the robin has ‘taken on board’ that autumn and early winter were exceptionally mild but hasn’t been able to respond to the much more recent cold / average weather.

Will be interesting to observe what she does if the temperatures drop in the next few days as predicted by the Met Office.

Will she continue, will she stop nest building, will the nest produce early young or will they perish? I will keep an eye on things as best I can. Perhaps the robin ‘cycle’ is driven by food not temperature – if so, there certainly seems a lot of that around at the moment if you are a robin.

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