Squirrel on my bird feeder

I’ve put up my bird feeders in the garden now I’ve moved back to Exeter. It didn’t take long for the local grey squirrel to find them. It did however take it around an hour to work out how to get onto it. Eventually and inevitably it worked it out.

Grey squirrel 4
Using its hind legs / claws it lowers itself on the feeder

Grey squirrel
Time for some show boating

Grey squirrel 3
Preparing to leave

Grey squirrel 2
Using its front claws to haul itself off

Squirrel 4Reminded me of a few years ago when I photographed this grey squirrel at Castle Drogo in the ‘squirrel proof’ nut feeder

Red squirrel 3This however is what should be in my garden – a ghost in the landscape

2 thoughts on “Squirrel on my bird feeder

  1. Alas even in Scotland where the last decent sized populations of red squirrels can still be found you’ll find that grey squirrels far outnumber the native species. On the campus of Stirling University where I did my degree, the waste bins every morning were full of squirrels. It became a bit of a joke that the greys were so tame that they would happily attack the new bin bags as soon as you were daft enough to approach the bins!

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