George Monbiot at the Commons Environmental Audit Committee

George Monbiot was called to appear yesterday to the Commons Environmental Audit Committee to give evidence on his views regarding land use and policy re. the recent floods.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 09.38.27
You can watch his full appearance here – it lasts around 40 minutes.

I thought George gave a good performance – it was tailored to the audience as was his attire! He covered a lot of ground – natural flood plain management, catchment level action, slowing the flow, re-wilding, dam building, beavers, maize cultivation, land use in the uplands etc etc.

He spent quite a bit of time talking about the Basic Payment Scheme’s ‘ineligible features’ scandal and I got the feeling the Committee were very interested in what he said.

You can get another take on yesterday at the EAC by reading Miles King’s piece here – where he also covers the story that the EAC barred Richard North from giving evidence after initially asking him to speak.

Upon reflection it has struck me as rather interesting that the Committee called George Monbiot to give evidence on this topic and not a Chief Executive or Director General of one of our conservation charities. Perhaps they are giving evidence next ……

4 thoughts on “George Monbiot at the Commons Environmental Audit Committee

    • Agree. Evidence from GM included quite a selection of anecdotes – as important as evidence based science – but to be viewed in context of GM as a campaigner not always interested in bringing all stakeholders with him.
      I was presenting a ‘from both positions’ enquiry on rewilding (flooding featured) to the Brecon Beacons Park Soc: great tough questions from the floor on trying to work closer with farmers on those matters that provide public benefit (v different to public opinion!)
      Less finger jabbing: more reaching out.

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