Bowerman’s Nose and its legend

Bowerman’s Nose is a distinctive looking rock outcrop on the northern slopes of Hayne Down between Hound Tor and Manaton.

Bowerman's 3
It has a legend associated with it which attempts to explain why the rock looks like it does.

Bowerman's 2

Bowerman was a hunter and he loved hunting the moors with a large pack of dogs. On one occasion he was chasing a hare when he rode past a coven of witches who he mocked. The witches were so angry that they set a trap. One of the witches transformed herself into a hare (another common legend) and lured Bowerman to where all the other witches were hiding. They then cast a spell and turned Bowerman and his hounds to rock. For a full account of the story see here.

Bowerman's 1
On misty nights it is said that Bowerman and his hounds still hunt the moors …..


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