The Tolmen Stone

When I was out on the moor on Saturday I revisited the Tolmen Stone which is located at SX655870 on the North Teign River near to Scorhill Circle. It is a large boulder with a water worn hole in it. Tolmen comes from the Celtic – mean meaning stone and tol meaning hole.

Tolmen Stone 2
The Tolmen Stone is in the middle of the picture and the stream – you can see the hole on the right hand side

Tolmen Stone 1
A close up. As ever the Legendary Dartmoor web site is very useful -see here. The Druids thought that tolmen stones held special powers particularly cleansing properties. More recent myths suggests that people with rheumatism can be cured if they pass through the hole.

Here is a picture I took from 2011 where one of our 10 Tors training teams are, one by one, scrambling through the Tolmen Stone hole expertly supervised by Tony Owen

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