Some bits of nature are behaving properly

Everybody seems to be finding wildlife that shouldn’t be flowering or flying in December because of the mild weather – I thought I would post a couple of pictures of species that are behaving according to the file guide and finish with one that isn’t.
Fox moth 3
This is a December Moth! Fantastic antennae (December moths are on the wing in December and January)

Fox moth 2
Side view of a male

Fox moth 1
This is the female – much bigger than the male – both caught in my moth trap on Saturday night

Winter heliotrope
This is winter heliotrope – flowers in December and January – it is a non native invasive species……

Finally Fuchsia photographed in Lyme Regis on Saturday…..

2 thoughts on “Some bits of nature are behaving properly

  1. But why the inconsistency?
    I have noticed that two birds are becoming far more common in Devon: the Little Egret (which normally lives in S Europe and N Africa) and the Goosander, which is a more northerly bird. I often see Goosander chicks in Yorkshire, but until recently I had never seen then in Devon. Now they can be spotted (sometimes) on the Teign.
    This makes no kind of sense to me. If this is just due to warming, one would expect the Goosander to head further north, and be rarer in Britain – not more common.

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