Rain drops off the ivy berries

There was a big downpour at Parke yesterday – rainwater was running down the lane and into the drain – fortunately there wasn’t much flooding but we did see a bit of a flood in the Gents toilets. I took a few photos of the rain and its interaction with the ivy berries – it is a bit arty but I really like it!

Ivy 2
The rain hits the trees and it gradually runs down the twigs, branches and trunks until it reaches the ivy – slowing the flow all the way

Ivy 3
The berries hold the water back by forming big droplets

Ivy 1
The crystal glass of rain

Trees and woodlands play a huge role in holding back the rain and reducing flooding downstream. The trees with their leaves, branches, twigs, trunks and epiphytes slow down the flow and the cavities around the roots absorb the water further. Land with trees absorb 67x as much rain water as pasture – as the debates around flooding continue to rage we must not forget that trees and woodland can help us in our fight against climate change with its associated extreme weather events.

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