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After working for the National Trust for 18 years, 11 on Dartmoor and 7 at Wicken Fen I have decided to leave and work for myself. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for the Trust – it is a fabulous organisation and one I love dearly but now it is time for a change.

I am very proud of a number of the things I had been involved with over the years, I was the architect of the Wicken Fen Vision, I led the team that raised the money and sorted out the governance for the Castle Drogo restoration project and I led the team that put the Fingle Woods partnership with the Woodland Trust together.

Yesterday many of my colleagues and friends both within the NT and from outside came to Parke for my leaving do. Thank you all for coming. I also received a number of leaving presents.

JW Oil beetles
This is a painting by the Dartmoor artist and naturalist John Walters of oil beetles – I absolutely love it

DNPA photoKevin Bishop, the Chief Executive of the DNPA very kindly presented me with this photograph of Pew Tor

MO bookAnd Matthew Oates sent me a signed copy of his book – In pursuit of butterflies

Thank you also to my colleagues Toby, Mick, Philip and James who said a few words summing up my time with the Trust – much appreciated. Thank you also to Philip Broadbent Yale – my old line manager from Wicken who travelled a long way to come and say goodbye.

I will be staying in Devon, I will continue to write this blog, I will become an NT volunteer (I will remain as the NT Team Manager for our 10 Tors team) and I will continue to work for Devon and Dartmoor’s wildlife and wild places.

I officially leave at the end of the month and after that I will set up a little consultancy which I hope will also help with conserving and protecting our special places and species for people and prosperity.



22 thoughts on “My news

  1. Reading your blog was one of the reasons I came to visit Drogo. I have looked forward with a gentle pleasure to your morning blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill with us. All the very best

  2. Thank you for your engaging blog Adran. Your views are insightful and your photos are great! You inspired me to take my young family to the Isles of Scilly for one of the best holidays we’ve had. Good luck in your new ventures!

  3. Hello Adrian – it was really good to see you briefly at RAMM a few weeks ago. It’s been a pleasure to know you a little and work with you. Thanks for writing this blog, sharing your photos and for being so passionate about Dartmoor. Good luck with what comes next! Martin (Thomas)

  4. Good luck with your new venture, I’m sure it will keep you just as busy. Glad to hear that you’ll keep this blog running, it’s always interesting, I’ve learnt a lot, including which moth trap to give my wife for Christmas!

  5. Good luck Adrian. I always read your blog with great interest. We visit Dartmoor every year and and we love Wicken Fen. We’ve visited some of the places on Dartmoor because of your blog, and we’re already planning our next trip for 2016. Keep up the good work – Regards Mark

  6. Best wishes for the future – I have enjoyed your daily blogs over almost two years now and shall continue to follow them with interest. Enjoy and take care!

  7. I’m pleased to hear your still going to write your blogs as I find them really interesting and informative, good luck in your new ventures.

  8. Very best wishes Adrian, and I shall continue to follow your excellent blog. The Wicken Fen Vision which you started still moves forward, and we’ve just bought two small lakes from the Env Agency (which is nice, but they should have donated them).

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