10 Tors Xmas walk and Storm Desmond

Traditionally our December walk (National Trust Wild Tribe and Torquay Boys Grammar School 10 Tors training teams) has culminated with a barbecue. We have spent much of this week monitoring the weather to see whether it was going to be possible this year. All week the Met Office have been forecasting high winds on Dartmoor and earlier in the week they were also forecasting heavy rain as a result of Storm Desmond. We decided as a result to replace the BBQ with a pasty and to shorten the walk.

Met Office red warning
As the week progressed Storm Desmond was forced north – this is the Met Office weather warnings from yesterday – Dartmoor has been fortunate – it is very rare you see a red rain warning – as the news clearly shows this morning the maximum impact of the storm was felt in Cumbria and the Scottish Southern Uplands

Little Mis
Whilst it was quite windy on Dartmoor yesterday it was dry  – here is Little Mis Tor

Xmas walk
Route checking by the River Walkham

Xmas walk2
Crossing the Walkham

Xmas walk3
The tradition of chocolate treats at Fice’s Well. There is a Pixie legend based around Fice’s Well – see here – in addition to that story the well water has been linked with  therapeutic qualities associated with curing eye problems!

Xmas walk5
Back at the car park for a pasty (with Vixen Tor in the background)

Xmas walk4
King Roy with Tony

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