A Walled Garden in winter

I spent a few minutes yesterday looking around the Walled Garden at Parke. It is a very different place now that winter has come but nevertheless it is not completely asleep or dormant. There is always something interesting going on which reflects the place and the world we live in.

Walled Garden 7
On the outside – looking in

Walled Garden 1
Looking down from the former ‘sun trap’ corner across the Walled Garden with the vineyard in the foreground and the vegetable plots in the distance

Walled Garden 2
The vines – a few leaves left but essentially bedding down and waiting for spring

Walled Garden 4
The leeks are however in full flow – how many of these will be on a Christmas Day plate?

Walled Garden 5
Chard – if only it tasted as good as it looks

Walled Garden 3
Preparation is everything

Walled Garden 6
I fear these figs have mistimed their appearance – the result of a hugely mild autumn stretching into November – the mildest on record

I’ve even got fruiting strawberries in my garden – they are green and will stay so before they disappear …. unless ….

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