Forestry Advisors come to Fingle Woods

Today we hosted the team of National Trust Forestry Advisors from around the country. We took them to Fingle Woods to meet our partners the Woodland Trust, show them around the site and tell them what we have been up to and what we plan next.

Forest Advisors1
Dave Rickwood, the Woodland Trust Site Manager with the Forestry Advisors and Tom Wood – NT Senior Ranger

Forest Advisors2
These are some thinned conifers which are going to become teepee poles!

Forest Advisors3

I have written before on the problems we have recently had with Phytophthorum ramorum infections in larch at Fingle (see here). The mandatory clearance work has now begun – as you can see it is quite a large area. Fortunately amongst the fallen conifers there are quite a lot of native deciduous trees and regrowth.

Forest Advisors4
This larch will probably be chipped and end up in the Castle Drogo wood chip boiler

Forest Advisors5
This is the beast of a forwarder which processes the trees once they have been winched down the hill

Forest Advisors6
Work has also begun on a clear fell site which is part of Wooston Castle – the open bit of Wooston which people visit today is but a fraction of the whole Iron Age Hillfort site – much is covered in conifers  – these will be cleared over the coming few years so that we can protect and display the hillfort and it various ramparts – it will also allow us to create open habitats for wildlife such as fritillary butterflies

Forest Advisors7
Looking down the Gorge at sunset with Drogo in the mid distance and Cosdon Beacon in the background

One thought on “Forestry Advisors come to Fingle Woods

  1. cant see any refrence to dinersore remains bellow castle drogo , ive seen lizard tail in rocks on view point on path. regs cf hill.07787233320

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