Narnia at Killerton

I was over at Killerton yesterday for a meeting and afterwards had a very quick look at the new Killerton offer – Narnia – the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I will be going again as it was all a bit of a rush but it looks great. For visiting details see here.

Killerton Xmas 11
Was rather impressed by the wolf!

Killerton Xmas 14
The Chapel looks lovely in the fading light

Killerton Xmas 13
The installations in the garden / park are best seen after dark

Killerton Xmas 8
There is a Narnia theme throughout

Killerton Xmas 4
Fancy a game of swords and shields?

Killerton Xmas 2
Hoops and lanterns

Killerton Xmas 18
A festive courtyard

Christmas at Killerton is now becoming quite an institution and it is definitely worth a visit. Catch the House part during the day and the parkland bit after dark.

You can see the full photo set here.

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