Forecast changeable – whatever the weather

Yesterday evening I was one of a couple of hundred guests invited to the launch of the RAMM’s new exhibition in Exeter ‘Whatever the Weather’. It is a collaboration between the museum, The National Trust and the Met Office funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Art’s Council and Artfund.

The National Trust is involved as the weather and climate change affect our work and our places every day. As our Director General says ‘The impacts of climate change are clear to see at Trust places, whether from increasingly erratic weather events or from long-term changes in temperature and rainfall distribution affecting countryside and buildings, gardens and collections. The risk of permanent damage to landscape and heritage as a result of not planning for a future with a radically different climate is ever increasing’.

We have just published a report ‘Forecast Changeable’ on the impacts of climate change on the National Trust and what we are going to do to adapt to it. Click here to download the report

We are also involved as the exhibition features and celebrates 50 years of our coastal acquisition campaign Nepture. See here and here for more details.

Details of the exhibition which runs until April 2016

The event included a live weather forecast by the BBC’s David Braine on BBC Spotlight

Well worth a visit – entry is free and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter is open Tuesdays to Sundays.



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