Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland

A new field guide on bees has just been published. It is a comprehensive field guide to all 275 species of bee in this country. It has been written by Steven Falk and illustrated by Richard Lewington. I suspect many people have no idea there are so many species in Britain!

It is an excellent guide which will allow people to identify all species of bee – this has not really been possible before because the ID books have been specialist publications which are difficult to use. As a result this group (other than the bumblebees) have been very neglected. This book contains over 700 photos and 1000 illustrations. The book is published by Bloomsbery and is a British Wildlife Magazine Guide – see here.

The front cover – the book can be bought as a paperback or a hardback

There are 20 pages of beautifully illustrated plates

Each species has a detailed account, colour photos and a distribution map

Steven Falk also runs a superb Flickr account illustrating main species of invertebrate including bees – see here.

I can’t wait now to start finding some species to identify once the sun comes out again. Thoroughly recommend this book to you – it could be the start of a brand new hobby!

3 thoughts on “Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland

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